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Introducing Sport-Z™

The Athlete's Edge


Muscle injury, pain,
fatigue and spasms?

We will help to remedy your leg
and foot pain... without medication.


Recover Faster

Long Ride? Our device is proven to help you recover while you sleep.


Suffering from extensive muscle injury and pain due to exercise? 
Have you looked for years with no solutions, no answers – taking too much ibuprofen for pain? You don’t have to live this way. Our products have a permanent goal: Reduce your muscle sprains, spasms and pain while improving endurance performance!

At Last – Reduce Painful Muscle Injury and Spasms Without Pills. With Research-Proven Results.

WearTech Therapuetics, Inc. is the premier developer and manufacturer of electrotherapy devices and Intelligent Textiles for Medicine™. As the developer of the world’s first garment electrodes, the company has been in the forefront of research and development addressing healing chronic wounds. By increasing microcirculation to treat acute and chronic injuries, our products accelerate the body’s own natural healing process while treating and relieving pain.

We can help you with your back or leg pain. Whether its painful diabetic neuropathy, foot arthritis, chronic wounds, peripheral vascular disease, heel pain, an Achilles tendon injury, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, or some other leg or foot nerve pain,  our products and solutions will help to remedy your leg and foot pain.


Sport-Z DC Stimulator

Sport-Z DC Stimulator

Intelligent Textiles

Intelligent Textiles