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I have raced across America, won the Hawaii Ironman, raced on three Olympic teams and (don’t try this at home) set the bicycle speed record of 152.2 mph.

WearTech Tights have become a welcome and essential product for this body. This body has seen over 500,000 cycling miles, and over 30 years of running and training for mega sports events, striving for good health in general. WearTech tights have brought me deep cellular and soft tissue mending from on-going hard training missions that are the fundamental life blood of my athletic evolution.

The most notably, re-generative quality I applaud is faster recovery for ramped training. Most of the time spent in the Wear Tech tights is during my sleep and I have noticed more restful sleep patterns when in use. Specifically I have noticed a pronounced enhancement of circulation with less pain, and I have all but abandoned the use of anti-inflammatories in preference to the tights.

John Howard


Over the past four weeks, I been using the WearTech Tights during my training as well as during my recent competition in the Bahamas National Track and Field Competition for qualifications for the upcoming Olympics. I have noticed that the WearTech Tights have helped me recover from muscle fatigue, but really help the soreness in my right foot that has been hurting for a while. I happy to announce that I qualified for my 5th Olympics to defend the Gold Medal in the men’s 400 meter relay and I made the 400 meter (individual) run.

Chris Brown
Olympic Gold Medalist

The science, research, and medical documentation behind the Sport-Z is staggering. For the discerning evaluator critic, all the wonderful studies, protocols and mind-boggling science is there. Thanks to WearTech Therapeutics, I have my own personal “Physical Therapist” working on me while I sleep.

Stan Cottrell
World’s long distance running record holder

The WearTech Technology is a key component of the early edema control of our ankle sprains. We have used it for extended periods of time in conjunction with compression wraps, focal compression pads, etc., and I feel that this has been a very effective combination of treatments.

Tom Abdenour, ATC PES CES
Head Trainer Golden State Warriors

WearTech Therapeutics featured at the 2017 Wearable Technology Show in London – Sky News Interview

WTS2017 is the largest business and prosumer show featuring cutting edge technology under one roof. It is the biggest and best forum for forming partnerships and developing new business across the wearable, smart device and IOT landscape. Over 6,000 delegates, 200 speakers and 300 press will come together to exchange views, network and do business. The show floor will feature cutting edge technology attracting prosumers, distributors and buyers.

Are Wearable Technologies the Magical Solution for Injury Prevention?
There is nothing worse than training hard, getting fit, seeing results then injuring yourself and going back to square one. Wearables can ensure we can train harder by being smarter.

Panel of Experts:

  • Joni Kettunen, CEO & Co-Founder, FirstBeat Technologies
  • Jim Johnson, CEO, WearTech Therapeutics
  • Kevin McLaughlin, VP Operations, Kitman Labs
  • Mark Ganly, CEO, Contego Sports Limited

We’ve treated patients with High Volt Pulse Galvanic for years with larger devices, but we find the portability of the Sport-Z allows a quick and ease application for our patients. Patients tolerate the HVPG / DC signaling well which breaks down muscle spasm while increasing blood flow all thus relieving the pain associated with their medical condition.

Gainesville Physical Therapy

Over the past few years I have seen hundreds of patients benefit greatly from the Sport-Z Technology & Intelligent Textiles for Medicine I am proud to be a provider of a therapy that has changed so many lives in such a positive way.

Heather O’NealRN, BBA, CWS, LHRM, LNC

I was diagnosed with a left proximal humerus fracture on October 29, 2015. This fracture entailed intense pain initially and then chronic aching in my left arm and shoulder which adversely affected my sleep on a nightly basis. 5 weeks later, I was given permission by my orthopedist to try the Sport-Z for pain relief. Almost immediately, I noticed a change. On the evenings when I would use the device, I experienced very little aching during sleep. When I would not apply the device, my sleep would be interrupted by aching, oftentimes severe. With less pain and better sleep, my occupational therapy progressed to such a point that my therapist was greatly encouraged by my improved range of motion. In addition to this, for my 9 week follow-up appointment with my orthopedist, the results of my xray indicated complete healing, which was 4 weeks earlier than expected. Using the device, I have not relied on any pain medication at all, other than during the first week of my injury. I am convinced, as is my physician husband that this wonderful device has aided tremendously in my healing process, not to mention being responsible for improved sleep after applying this device. We are very thankful for the opportunity to utilize the Sport-Z which has made a huge impact on my healing process.

Robin GentryRN