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Wound Healing and Tissue Repair

Number Article
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United States Air Force

Number Article
01 (Y) An Electrical Muscle Stimulation Suit for Increasing Blood Pressure

Ulf Balldin, Lance Annicelli, John Gibbons and Kisner. Aviat Space Environ Med 2008; 79: 914-8



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Diabetic Foot Disease

Number Article
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Stroke Rehab

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08 Afferent Stimulation Provided by Glove Electrode during Task-specific Arm Exercise Following Stroke AUTHORS/INSTITUTIONS: J.E. Sullivan, L.D. Hedman, D. Hurley, Department of Physical Therapy and Human

Movement Sciences, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL

09 Increased motor cortical excitability after whole-hand electrical stimulation: A TMS study

Stefan M. Golaszewski a,b,*, Jürgen Bergmann a,c, Monica Christova d, Raffaele Nardone a,e, Martin Kronbichler a,c, Dietmar Rafolt d,g, Eugen Gallasch d, Wolfgang Staffen a, Gunther Ladurner a, Roland Beisteiner f, Sept 26, 2009, Clinical Neurophysiology 121 (2010) 248–254



Modulation of motor cortex excitability by different levels of whole-hand afferent electrical stimulation

Stefan M. Golaszewski a,b,c,⇑, Jürgen Bergmann b,d, Monica Christova e, Alexander B. Kunz a,b, Martin Kronbichler b,d, Dietmar Rafolt f, Eugen Gallasch e, Wolfgang Staffen a,b, Eugen Trinka a, Raffaele Nardone a,g, Clinical Neurophysiology xxx (2011) xxx–xxx.

11 Afferent Stimulation Provided by Glove Electrode during Task-specific Arm Exercise Following Stroke AUTHORS/INSTITUTIONS: J.E. Sullivan, L.D. Hedman, D. Hurley, Department of Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL;

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