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Sport Z

Why the Sport-Z?   The Sport-Z is a DC Stimulator where this pulse direct current goes deeply into the tissue bed to promote increase microcirculation, reduction of edema, which in turn promotes healing, and muscle recovery. The Sport-Z will help relieve pain while reducing muscle spasms and increasing range of motion.  The Sport-Z is the only device that is approved by the FDA as a NMES and TENS.  Unlike conventional NMES and TENs, which doses a pulsed AC Stimulation in the milli-amperage range, the Sport-Z doses the stimulation in the micro-amperage range.  This is critically important to have a biological effect rather than just masking the pain, because body operates on DC signaling.  Origins for this DC Stimulation go back 50 years where Bell Lab engineers invented it for healing chronic wounds  with over 100 published studies.

Feature /Benefits:


  1. HVPG / pulsed DC Stimulation
  2. Rapid ramp speed at 4 microseconds for deep tissue penetration
  3. Helps relieve muscle spasms
  4. Promotes Micro Blood circulation to relieve pain at the origin
  5. Reduces edema and inflammation
  6. Promotes healing
  7. Dosage in Micro amps or a millionth of ampere
  8. Offers a nocturnal treatment program

Pulse DC Dose in Micro-amps


  1. Pulsed AC Stimulation
  2. Slow ramp speed of 40 micro  seconds for shallow penetration
  3. Blocks the pain signal from the brain acting as an antagonist to nerves
  4. Dosage in Milliamps or thousands of an ampere

Pulse AC Dose in Milli-amps


Sport-Z DC Stimulator

Sport-Z DC Stimulator

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