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Stan Cottrell reviews Sport-Z & WearTech Tights

By June 29, 2016February 8th, 2017Reviews

It has been 61 years since I ran my first race at a county fair in rural Kentucky. I took home the Blue Ribbon for first place. Little did I realize on that hot summer day this victory would be the genesis which would pave the way to college, becoming a teacher, business-man, world adventurer, Goodwill and Friendship Ambassador to the world, author, and would the open doors that enabled me to run across 40 countries thus far.

There was a time when breaking human performance barriers loomed significant in my mind. When you are a pioneer in any adventure, you are the one charting the maps. I discovered early on, I could run long distances, sometimes months, day after day, without any breaks other than having a night of sleep. For instance, I ran across the USA in 48 days averaging 66 miles per day. I once ran 167.25 miles in 24 hours.

A major medical study was done on me by the Institute of Circulation Research in Cologne, Germany. This was under the supervision of Hugo Greiner, M.D., who took blood from me daily as I ran from Edinburg, Scotland to the Rock of Gibraltar…80 consecutive days and covering some 50 miles per day.

And now, at age 73, I am in preparation to run every country, colony and territory in the world. This will take me 7 years to complete. Needless to say, having logged more than 250,000 miles or more than 10X around the earth, I didn’t arrive at this station of life on good looks and mere natural talent. No! I have been a lifelong student of human performance, kinesiology, biomechanics, nutrition, resonant energy transfer, microbial genetics, behavioral psychology, and have an appetite for the latest modalities which can make my running more efficient.

I can truly say, the human body is a miracle beyond all imagination. I live by a personal motto of “If better is possible, good is not enough.”

I say all this as a back-drop for my enthusiastic endorsement of WearTech their Sport-Z stimulator, and the WearTech Tights. After some 5 months of using their major advance to the world of enhanced human performance, I could mourn the fact this technology wasn’t available before. Instead, I celebrate for what I feel the future holds for me and the years ahead by having this technology in my daily regimen. I know this sounds melodramatic, but thanks to Prizm, I have my own personal “Physical Therapist” working on me while I sleep.

Regardless of who we are, we all have felt sluggish, sore from exercise, and just wanted to pull the cover back over our heads and not get out of bed. Yet each morning when I awake, I am brand new…energized…and ready to run.

The science, research, and medical documentation behind the Sport-Z is staggering. For the discerning evaluator critic, all the wonderful studies, protocols and mind-boggling science is there.

For the other person who says, “Does it work? Will I feel better? Will I perform better?” The answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

Recently, my Physician’s Group who has been studying me for years asked, “What is going on with you? You are performing at a much more improved level than we have seen you do in more than 25 years.” I had another Physician ask me, “What are you doing? Can I get in on your secret?”

I know it has to do with the Sport-Z.

Here’s my bedroom scene three nights a week. I put on the special made tights…snap the electrodes in place and lie down to pleasant dreams. I have tens of thousands of hours of sheer brilliance and proven results being brought to me safely, efficaciously, and economically… working along with my own body’s restorative processes to make my run today… my best ever. I am wonderfully alive and ready to run! Give me that mountain!

Sport-Z — “Blue Ribbon” Winner!

Stan Cottrell, Jr.
Chairman and CEO, Friendship Sports Association, Inc.
Chairman and CEO, Cottrell Associates International, Inc.